November 7, 2011

Handknitted Dress / Tops for girl

Can wear as a dress for a 3- 4 years old or a top / vest for a 8 -9 years old.

My girl modelling...

RM200 including shipping. Letting go because my girl refuse to wear it... so heartache....

CD to let go...

Try to post as many as I can, all must go becuase I need the space for my knitting yarns!!! Just add RM5 shipping fees for all regardless of how many piece you are buying.


Fitted Diaper

1) Baby Beehind Night Diaper, size L - RM60 SOLD
Description: Excellent condition as I only use like 2 months plus. DS refuse to wear due to the bulkiness but is the most absorbent fitted diaper I've tried for toddler.
Material: Organic cotton and absorbent bamboo.

Inner view 

2) Mandy Mac OS bamboo fitted diaper - RM52 x 2 (Buy both, free one Snappi) BOTH SOLD
    Description: Absorbent and worth the money as it is a One-Size. Comes with 2 extra bamboo booster to be used when baby turn into toddler. Drawback is you need to use a Snappi or a diaper cover to secure the fitted diaper

Inner view

3) Itti Bitti Boo fitted diaper size L - RM40 
   Description: Very slim and soft next to skin. This is a Marine colour in size L. Comes with 1 Snap in soaker made of bamboo.

4) Motherease Sandy's Cotton fitted diaper size 2 - RM38 Free 1 cotton insert as soaker. 
    Description: Very hard wearing, even after so many washes and use the elastic still snug. Great for day time usage and also can be use for night time with hemp or bamboo soaker. 


1) DreamEz Organic Cotton AIO size L - RM30 x 2 PURPLE GONE - LIGHT BLUE AVAILABLE
   Description: The name says it all, AIO only thing you may need is a stay dry fleece liner if you prefer baby to feel dry at bum bum as it never comes with any stay-dry liner. 
Material: Outer - PUL, Inner - absorbent organic cotton.

The Logo of DreamEz

Back view

2) Itti Bitti D'lish AI2 size L - RM30 x 2  BOTH SOLD
   Description: This slim cutting A12 is a bliss to wear on baby when you are outing. The soaker is made of organic cotton and come with 1 stay dry snap on fleece liner.

Inner view

Itti Bittin Logo, quite blur already...

Pocket Diaper

1) SnapEz PUL size L - RM35 x 2
    Description: Very good condition as was using for less than 6 months. Elastic around waist and leg casing are still very good. 

Inner View

2) SnapEz fleece pocket diaper size L - RM38
    Description: Very good condition, use also less than 6 months.

2x big Bummis (Jungle) and Thirsties (Lavender) diaper cover, selling RM15 each. No tear and fading of colour. SOLD
I still have 2 silk liner and 2 cut fleece liner available, selling at RM5 and RM2 respectively. SOLD
Brand new GAD OS hemp insert x3, selling at RM12 each. SOLD
Brand new big microfiber insert x2, selling at RM10 each.
2x Happy Heinys OS pocket diaper which the elastic need to be changed for the leg casing (Blue and Sage), FOC. GONE
1x Medium Long GAD seaspray pocket diaper need to change for one of the snap at the wing, FOC. GONE

Last but not least, I still accept custom order for handknitted wool diaper cover or shorties. Just email me at:

Let me know which you are interested and thanks for looking. 

June 23, 2010

Maternity Wear for sale - ALL GONE!

I don't have that many but these are all pre-loved and still in very good condition.
Just for your information, I'm 5 feet 5 inches tall.
Bust size max - 38" for all clothes & dresses.

1) Blue Heart Blouse

The heart print

Description: Very lightweight, great for hot sunny day and I still can fit in at 38 weeks pregnant.
Selling price: RM9

2) Sleeveless pink floral dress (knee-length dress)

The floral print

Selling price: RM10

3) Light green maternity dress 

Up close shot

Selling price: RM12

April 10, 2010

Woollies Craze!


1) Blue Waltz Soaker M  -  SOLD

Excellent design for a soaker. The waistband can be folded down if you prefer shorter rise.

Waist - 14.5" up to the widest 20"
Rise - 18"
Crotch - 4.5"
Thigh - 12" (widest)

Back View

2) Blue Vintage Soaker L  -  SOLD

This is a HEAVILY FELTED wool soaker. The first pair of my handknit.

Waist - 20-22"
Rise - 16.5"
Crotch - 6.5"
Thigh - 11"

Back View

Below is the Close up - Felted wool surface

3) Wollybottom Maroon Wool soaker  L  -  SOLD

Soaker made from recycle wool.

Waist - 18 up tp 23" (widest)
Rise - 18"
Crotch - 4.5"
Thigh - 13" (widest)

4) Green Salsa Longies M  (not recommended for chunky thigh baby)  -  RM80

Only use for 2 months before I found out it's too small for my boy.

Waist - 20"
Rise - 18"
Crotch - 4.5"
Thigh - 11" (the widest)

Posted in diaperasia but now price reduced.

5) *HeavyDuty* MixO Rhumba Longies M/L - RM99
Front View

Why "heavy duty"?
This longies has Double-Stranded yarn at the body and thus making it very bulletproof of any wetness. One of my pre-love longies for night. In other words, the body is the thickest among all other woolies that I had ever knit.

Waist - (unstretch) 20"
Rise - 19"
Inseam - 7"

Back View

6) Opaline Longies L - RM80 - SOLD

Waist - 20" - max 24/25"
Rise - 21"
Inseam - 8"

7) Tan-go Cashmere (Machine-knit) Longies XL - SOLD

Waist - 20" - max 26"
Rise - 19"
Inseam - 13"

8) Funky Shorties XL -  SOLD

Waist - 22" - max 26"
Rise - 22"
Inseam - 3.5

Specially for Girls of 1T

Brand NEW brown dress for baby girl from 6 months onwards. Comes with a matching pants and cute hat.

Dress Length (from shoulder) -  13"
Chest  - 19'

Price - RM12   SOLD

Mickey Mouse Blouse and pants set   RM15

Disney brand. Used less than 5 times as it's alraedy too small for my girl upon receiving them.

Strappy Floral Dress   RM6  SOLD


Dress Length - 17"
Chest - Stretchable

Sleeveless top and pants set  RM10  SOLD


Tops length - 11.5"
Pants Waist - 14" - 19"
Pants Inseam - 6"

JBaby Pastel Dress  RM12


Dress Length - 15.5"
Chest - 21-22"

Fabric Close up

Annakku Blue Embroided Dress RM20   SOLD


Dress Length - 17.5"
Chest - 22"

Back View

Close up

PrideNJoy Set RM8  SOLD

Tops length - 11.5"
Chest - 22"

Pants Waist - 14 -20"
Pants Inseam - 10.5"

March 31, 2010

Baby Rompers

a) Buy any 2 at RM10!

Personally I would suggest from 3months - 9 months if you are using modern cloth diapers. otherwise, they are size 6 months and the purple one is rather shorter by an inch from the rest.

Used with no stains or tears

RM7.50 for each



This is a newborn - 3 months old Onesies.

Worn only twice, still new. No stains or tears

RM8.00  GONE!